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Chronicles of Monday

May 29, 2016 • ☕️ 1 min read

Sorry, buddy. Someone had to say it.

The working week as we know it is a recent invention. Even the concept of a universally accepted day for leisure (Sunday) is modern (and religious in origin). The pre-industrialised world had no need for a working week or even fixed working hours: peasants worked till their crops were ready and artists toiled till their hands were steady. You didn’t simply pause being the royal butt-wiper for a day because the royal butt-wipers association mandated a day of rest.

But in the past century, Monday has become the de facto first day of work throughout the world (though exceptions exist) and consequently become the target of much hatred from the (modern) peasant folk. Many a cartoon has lampooned the moon’s day and umpteen listicles have ridiculed Induvāsaram. But it really isn’t Monday’s fault. Stop going after dear Lunes!

Usually, the line of attack is that one needs to wake up early on Monday and drag one’s feet to work. Monday is boring because after a happening weekend, life is back to its routine pace. Well, routine doesn’t have to feel that bad. Fun and enjoyment can (and should) be a part of your routine. If it’s not, that’s probably because you don’t feel excited about your work.

In a competitive and resource-scarce world like ours, means of earning a living are rarely chosen for passion. Life is complicated, but it’s more than just paying the bills and going through the motions. If you hate your job on Mondays, you are not going to love your job on Tuesdays either. So it’s not really the day that you hate. It’s your job.

On an unrelated note: Thursdays are definitely the worst!

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